Rail Type Blocks Stone Monorail 10 Ton Gantry Crane

Rail Type Blocks Stone Monorail 10 Ton Gantry Crane


  • Load capacity: 10 tons
  • Span: 4.5m~30m
  • Lifting height: 3m~18m or according to customer request
  • Model of electric hoist: electric wire rope hoist or electric chain hoist
  • Traveling speed: 20m/min, 30m/min
  • Lifting speed: 8m/min, 7m/min, 3.5m/min
  • Working duty: A3 Power source: 380v, 50hz, 3 phase or according to your local power
  • Wheel diameter: φ270,φ400
  • Width of track: 37~70mm
  • Control model: pendent control, remote control

Product Details and Features

Frame cranes come in two basic configurations, one-girder and two-girder. Poratable A-frame cranes are also known as, mobile gantry cranes, rolling gantry cranes, and are smaller, lighter-duty, gantry-type cranes used in the handling of lighter materials, under 7.5 tons. A gantry frame A gantry is designed to handle general materials with a lift capacity of around 1 to 20 tons, with working class of A3, or A4.

Generally, A Frame Gantry cranes are smaller lifting cranes that are suitable for light-duty lifting requirements, but thanks to Dongqi Hoist and Cranes custom-design capabilities, we are able to also provide a stronger A Frame crane that is suitable for different applications. A-frame cranes are available in varying capacities ranging from 250kg up to 10 tonnes of safe operating loads, and are available in different widths and heights depending on the lift requirements, in addition, A-frame cranes can be supplied with or without the lifting device. With MPH Cranes A Frame Crane choice, we are sure we will be able to meet all of your lifting requirements. Generally, our companys A frame gantry cranes for sale have lifting capacities from 0.5-10 tonnes, spanning from 2-16m, and lifts from 2-12m, of course, we are capable to provide custom-design services to meet your other technical requirements of A Frame Gantry Crane.

10 ton gantry crane (1)
10 ton gantry crane (1)
10 ton gantry crane (2)


The prices are covered by different span/height/SWL variations, but we also provide a bespoke design crane which can be built custom at nearly any dimensions and capacity as per your requirements. Our factory can offer you various types of cranes to suit your industry requirements, including single-girder, double-girder, Truss-gantry, Cantilever-gantry, and Mobile Gantry Crane. For your industrial facilities, if you require a material-handling device for loading and unloading of weighing and light-heavy goods, the gantry crane would be the sensible choice, both for its crane-like characteristics and for its price.

10 ton gantry crane (2)
10 ton gantry crane (6)
10 ton gantry crane (5)
10 ton gantry crane (7)
10 ton gantry crane (3)
10 ton gantry crane (8)
10 ton gantry crane (6)

Product Process

If your work applications require a lightweight crane for your light-loading material handling applications, an overhead A-frame lifting machine will be the perfect choice. Using this height-adjustable a frame lifts gantry will give you greater convenience when lifting, on uneven floors, or when moving through doorways.   

Before you commit to one of these types, think about factors such as what kind of work you need your crane to do, how much you need to lift, where you are going to use your crane, and how high the lifts are going to go. It is important to know whether you are going to be using your crane outdoors or inside. Choose between fixed-height heavy-duty steel, heavy-duty adjustable-height aluminum, adjustable-height heavy-duty steel, and fixed-height light-duty steel cranes, available in various sizes of configurations.