Port Ship 10 Ton 16 Ton 20 Ton Boat Jib Crane With 4 Hoists

Port Ship 10 Ton 16 Ton 20 Ton Boat Jib Crane With 4 Hoists


  • Loading capacity: 10 tons
  • Arm length: 3-12m
  • Lifting height: 4-15m or according to customer request
  • Working duty: A5
  • Power source: 220v/380v/400v/415v/440v/460v, 50hz/60hz, 3 phase
  • Control model: pendent control,remote control

Product Details and Features

BZ type fixed-column jib crane is a new product developed by SEVENCRANE with reference to equipment imported from Germany, and is a special lifting equipment designed according to user needs. It has the advantages of novel structure, reasonable, simple, convenient operation, flexible rotation, large working space, etc. It is an energy-saving and efficient material hoisting equipment. It can be widely used in factories and mines, workshop production lines, assembly lines and machine tool loading and unloading, as well as heavy objects lifting in warehouses, docks and other occasions.

10 ton  (1)
10 ton  (2)
10 ton  (3)


The 10-ton fixed-column jib crane is used to lift yachts, usually installed on the shore, and consists of a column, a jib, four electric hoists, and electrical systems.

10 ton  (3)
10 ton  (4)
10 ton  (5)
10 ton  (6)
10 ton  (7)
10 ton  (8)
10 ton  (9)

Product Process

Fixed-column jib crane is composed of column device, slewing device, jib device and electric chain hoist, etc. Mechanisms, electrical systems, ladders and maintenance platforms. The lower end of the column is fixed on the concrete foundation, and the swing arm rotates, which can be rotated according to user needs. The slewing part is divided into manual slewing and electric slewing. The electric chain hoist is installed on the jib rail for lifting heavy objects.

The fixed-column jib crane is equipped with a highly reliable electric chain hoist, which is especially suitable for short-distance, frequent use, and intensive lifting operations. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, trouble-saving, small footprint, and easy operation and maintenance. The electric chain hoist has the functions of lifting and running back and forth on the beam. The jib beam can be driven by the reducer on the rotary device to drive the roller to rotate. The electrical control box is installed on the chain hoist.