Industrial Electric Port Automatic Lifting 20Ft 40Ft Container Spreader

Industrial Electric Port Automatic Lifting 20Ft 40Ft Container Spreader


  • Capability: Standard size container
  • Material: High quality carbon steel and alloy steel and custom required material
  • Power: Manual or hydraulic

Product Details and Features

The container spreader is a special spreader for loading and unloading containers. It is connected to the top corner fittings of the container through the twist locks at the four corners of the end beam, and the opening and closing of the twist locks are controlled by the driver to carry out container loading and unloading operations.
There are four hoisting points when hoisting the container. The spreader connects the container from the four hoisting points. Through the wire rope pulley system on the spreader, it is wound on the hoisting drum of the hoisting mechanism of the loading and unloading machine to hoist the container.

Container Spreader (1)(1)
Container Spreader (1)
Container Spreader (1)


The structure of the container spreader produced by our company is reasonably designed, and there are many types to choose from, which can meet the needs of use to the greatest extent.Simple container spreaders, which use shackles, wire ropes and hooks to lift containers, are called rigging.
Its structure is mainly composed of a spreader frame and a manual twist lock mechanism. They are all single lifting point spreaders.The telescopic container spreader drives the telescopic chain or oil cylinder through hydraulic transmission, so that the spreader can automatically expand and contract to change the length of the spreader, so as to adapt to the loading and unloading of containers of different specifications.

Container Spreader (2)
Container Spreader (2)
Container Spreader (3)(1)
Container Spreader (4)
Container Spreader (1)
Container Spreader (2)(1)
Container Spreader (3)

Product Process

Although the telescopic spreader is heavy, it is easy to adjust in length, flexible in operation, strong in versatility and high in production efficiency.Rotary container spreader can realize plane rotation movement. The rotary spreader consists of a rotating device and leveling system on the upper part and a telescopic spreader on the lower part. Rotary spreaders are mostly used for quay cranes, rail gantry cranes and multi-purpose gantry cranes.
Container spreaders are mostly used in conjunction with special container handling machinery, such as quayside container cranes (container loading and unloading bridges), container straddle carriers, container gantry cranes, etc. The connection between the spreader and the container corner pieces can be electric, electro-hydraulic or manual. Operation method.