Hydraulic Clamshell Bucket Overhead Crane for Handling Bulk Material

Hydraulic Clamshell Bucket Overhead Crane for Handling Bulk Material


  • Load capacity: 3t-500t
  • Crane span: 4.5m-31.5m or customized
  • Lifting height: 3m-30m
  • Control model: cabin control, remote control, pendent control

Product Details and Features

The Hydraulic Clamshell Bucket Overhead Crane is a heavy-duty material handling solution designed for efficiently managing bulk materials. This crane bucket is engineered with high-performance hydraulic components and is used in a variety of industries, including mining, construction, and shipping.

The crane bucket is made up of two shells that work in unison to capture and lift materials. The hydraulic system provides smooth operation and precise control, allowing for effective material handling and placement. The lifting capacity of this equipment can vary from multiple tons to hundreds of tons depending on the requirement of the project.

The clamshell bucket can be attached to overhead cranes to lift and transport material over long distances. Its versatility to combine crane capacity with a clamshell bucket system makes it a go-to solution in material handling, construction, and mining industries.

The Hydraulic Clamshell Bucket Overhead Crane is designed to withstand heavy usage and harsh environments. It is constructed with high-quality materials and requires minimum maintenance, making it a durable and reliable investment. Furthermore, the clamshell bucket operation ensures minimal spillage and waste, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

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Hydraulic Clamshell Bucket Overhead Crane


A Hydraulic Clamshell Bucket Overhead Crane system is a specialized material handling equipment commonly used to handle bulk materials in industries like mining, construction, and marine shipping. The crane system consists of a hydraulic clamshell bucket that is mounted on an overhead crane. The hydraulic system drives the bucket’s two halves to open and close to grab the bulk materials with ease.

The system is ideal for handling bulk materials like coal, gravel, sand, minerals, and other types of loose materials. Operators can use the hydraulic clamshell bucket to position the material precisely, and they can release it in a controlled manner in the desired location. The crane system offers a high level of safety, efficiency, and control in handling bulk materials.

Additionally, the Hydraulic Clamshell Bucket Overhead Crane system can work efficiently within a limited area, making it ideal for confined spaces. The crane’s capabilities and design can be customized to meet specific site requirements and handle different types of material. It is a reliable and proven solution for bulk material handling applications that require precision, speed, and control.

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Product Process

The manufacturing process for a hydraulic clamshell bucket overhead crane includes multiple stages. First, the design team determines the specifications and requirements for the crane, including its lifting capacity, crane span, and control system.

Next, the materials for the crane, such as steel and hydraulic components, are sourced and prepared for fabrication. The steel components may be cut and shaped using computer numerical control (CNC) machines, while the hydraulic components are assembled and tested.

The crane’s structure, including the main beam and supporting legs, is created using a combination of welding and bolted connections. The hydraulic system is integrated into the crane to control the bucket’s movement and operation.

After assembly, the crane is thoroughly tested to ensure it meets safety and performance standards. This includes load testing to verify its lifting capacity and the functionality of its control system.

Finally, the completed crane is painted and prepared for transportation to the customer’s site, where it will be installed and commissioned for use.