Warehouse Single Beam Gantry Crane With Electric Hoist

Warehouse Single Beam Gantry Crane With Electric Hoist


  • Load capacity: 3 tons~32 tons
  • Span: 4.5m~30m
  • Lifting height: 3m~18m or according to customer request
  • Model of electric hoist: electric wire rope hoist or electric chain hoist
  • Traveling speed: 20m/min, 30m/min
  • Lifting speed: 8m/min, 7m/min, 3.5m/min
  • Working duty: A3 Power source: 380v, 50hz, 3 phase or according to your local power
  • Wheel diameter: φ270,φ400
  • width of track: 37~70mm
  • Control model: pendent control, remote control

Product Details and Features

In addition to the general-purpose single-girder gantry cranes described above, SEVENCRANE designs and builds various single-beam mobile gantry cranes for various industrial applications, including single-beam hydraulic rubber-tyre and electrically powered gantry cranes. Single girder gantry cranes are mostly used in mining, general manufacturing, precast concrete, construction, as well as outdoor loading docks and warehouses to handle large volume freight operations. Single-girder gantry crane is generally considered a lightweight type of gantry crane because of the design of the structure with only one beam, it is extensively used at the open-air locations like the materials yards, workshops, warehouses for loading and unloading materials.

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Single-girder gantry crane is an ordinary crane designed for general material handling, often used at outdoor sites, warehouses, ports, granite industries, cement pipe industries, open yards, container storage depots, and shipyards, etc. However, it is prohibited from handling melting metal, flammable, or explosive objects. Box-type single-girder gantry crane is medium-sized, track-traveling crane, generally equipped with a standard electric HDMD lifter as a lifter, with an electric lifter traversing over a lower I-steel of main girder, made from a steel plate, which is made from a steel plate, like C-steel, and insulating steel plate, and I-steel. Moreover, single girder cranes are applicable in both the indoors and the outdoor areas, like workshop, warehouse, garage, building sites, and ports, etc. Furthermore, for your consideration, rubber-tyre and rail-mounted gantry.    If you have other special requirements about our single girder gantry cranes span, loading capacity, or lifting height, you can tell Aicrane about them, and we will customize them for you. Our gantry lifts perform well and long-lasting because we closely monitor crane quality and use top-quality parts that are resistant to wear. Our single-girder overhead cranes are equipped standard with industry-lightest swivel loads, as well as lower-headroom jacks equipped with variable-frequency drives in both the hoists and swivels. Since single-girder cranes require only one beam of support, these systems generally have lower dead weight, meaning that they can take advantage of lighter track systems and connect to existing support structures of buildings.   

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Product Process

When designed correctly, they can increase day-to-day operations and are a perfect solution for facilities and operations that have limited floor space and overhead that need a light-to-medium-duty crane. Double-girder trestle cranes are also used in the interior or exterior, either on bridges or in gantry configurations, and are commonly used at mines, iron and steel mills, railroad yards, and marine ports. Bridge cranes come in different configurations, and may consist of either one or two beams — most commonly called a single-girder or double-girder design. Unlike a single-girder overhead crane, its main beam is supported by legs, making it similar to the structure of a gantry.A