BZ 360 Degree 4 Ton Rotating Column Jib Crane With Hoist

BZ 360 Degree 4 Ton Rotating Column Jib Crane With Hoist


Product Details and Features

Column Jib Crane are attached either to the columns of the building, or cantilevered vertically by an independent column mounted on the floor. One of the most versatile and commonly used jib cranes are truck mounted jib cranes, which provide all of the capabilities of jibs mounted on walls or floors, but the versatility of being moved anywhere, regardless of the terrain or weather conditions. This mounting style provides great clearance above and below the boom, while wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted jib cranes can be moved to get in the way of overhead cranes.

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Column Jib Crane systems can be used on single bays, along structurally suitable walls or built-in support columns, or as an add-on to existing overhead gantry cranes or monorails. Wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted jib cranes require no floor or foundation space, instead mounting on existing support girders of a building. While foundationless jib cranes are some of the most cost-effective in both price and design, a primary drawback to using wall-mounted or column-mounted jib cranes is the fact that the designs do not provide for a full 360-degree pivot.
Compared with conventional single-boom jibs, the articulating jibs feature two swinging arms, which allow them to pick up loads around corners and columns, as well as reaching under or through equipment and containers. A lower-mounted jib arm can combine with shorter pillars to take advantage of any restricted height.

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Product Process

Ceiling-mounted jib cranes save space on floors, but also offer unique lift forces, and they can be either standard, single-boom, jack-knife-type jack-knifes, or they can be articulated types. Ergonomic Partners walls mounted jib cranes to help facilities cover areas without needing footings or floor space.
The lifting capacity of Column Jib Crane is 0.5~16t, the lifting height is 1m~10m, arm length is 1m~10m.Working class is A3. The voltage can be reached from 110v to 440v.