CE Light Duty Portable 250kg 500kg 1 Ton 2T Pillar Jib Crane

CE Light Duty Portable 250kg 500kg 1 Ton 2T Pillar Jib Crane


  • Loading capacity: 0.5-16 tons
  • Arm length: 1-10m
  • Lifting height: 1-10m or according to customer request
  • Working duty: A3
  • Power source: 110v/220v/380v/400v/415v/440v/460v, 50hz/60hz, 3 phase
  • Control model: pendent control,remote control

Product Details and Features

Pillar jib cranes, are a type of small-to-medium stand-alone material-handling device that has its base plates installed in the floor with no building supports. Pillar Jib Cranes are generally used for lifting tasks which are mostly of the lower capability range. Pillar jib cranes conserve space on floors, but also offer a unique lift capability, and they can be either a standard single-boom or articulated jib type.
Pillar jib cranes can increase productivity, help with efficiency, and increase workplace safety by performing heavies quickly and without manual labour. Pillar jib Cranes, also often called Pillar-mounted Jib Cranes, help the workforce and increase the amount of manual labor while handling loads of up to 10 tons accurately and without difficulty.

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All-lift PM400 Pillar Mounted Jib Cranes attach directly to floor and ceiling surfaces (or to an overhead cradle) with no foundation.
Pillar jib cranes need reinforced concrete foundations, which may be more expensive than the crane itself. Masts are mounted on concrete foundations, and also available with detachable sleeves. No columns are used for the construction, so the buildings are free from additional loads.
The crane offers 360 degree spin, with an arm of 1m up to 10m. The height is from 1m up to 10m. Our Bottom-strutted cantilever series offers maximum amount of lift, either below or above the boom.

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Product Process

In particular, pillar jib cranes by SEVENCRANE and Components are extremely versatile and robust. Pillar Jib cranes should also be considered for any site that requires cranes and overhead supports, braces, or gussets are unavailable or cannot be used. SEVENCRANE can supply you with general-purpose pillar-jib cranes, which have lift-loads from a half to 16 tons, arm lengths from 1 – 10 meters, rotation angles from 0deg to 360deg, 180deg to 360deg is usually used, and a lighter working class A3.