Industrial Magnetic Sucker Electromagnetic Chuck Lifting Magnets

Industrial Magnetic Sucker Electromagnetic Chuck Lifting Magnets


  • Cold-state power(kw): 2.6-41.6
  • Lifting capacity: 500kg-40000kg
  • Color: yellow/orange
  • Rated voltage: according to client’s requirement

Product Details and Features

The electromagnetic chuck is an electromagnetic clamp, which lifts heavy objects through the suction force generated by the chuck body after the electromagnetic coil is energized. The electromagnetic chuck is composed of several parts such as iron core, coil, panel, etc. Among them, the electromagnet composed of the coil and the iron core is the main part of the electromagnetic chuck. The electromagnetic chuck is mainly used in conjunction with various cranes for the transportation of steel sheets or metal bulk materials. The electromagnetic chuck is easy to use and simple to operate, which can save a lot of labor costs, improve handling efficiency, and improve operation safety.

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Electromagnetic suction cups can be divided into ordinary suction cups and strong suction cups according to different suction. The suction force of ordinary suction cups is 10-12 kg per square centimeter, and the strong electromagnetic sucker is not less than 15 kg per square centimeter. The structure of the electromagnetic sucker for lifting is generally round. According to the maximum lifting weight and working level of the lifting, ordinary sucker or strong sucker can be selected. Ordinary suction cups are simple in structure and cheap, and can be used in most lifting and transportation situations. Compared with ordinary suction cups, electronically controlled strong suction cups work more efficiently and have a longer service life. The strong suction cup can be used continuously, even if it works continuously for more than 20 hours a day, there will be no failure, and no maintenance is required.

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Product Process

The electromagnetic chuck produced by our company has uniform distribution of magnetic force lines, strong suction force, and good anti-wear ability, which can adapt to most use scenarios. Each electromagnetic chuck must be tested and debugged in the factory before it can be shipped to ensure that the customer can use it immediately after receiving it, which is highly praised by domestic and foreign customers.