Inside Operator Eot Crane Crane Cabin For Overhead Gantry Crane

Inside Operator Eot Crane Crane Cabin For Overhead Gantry Crane


  • Dimension: Customized
  • Alarm: Customer Required
  • Glass: Toughened
  • Air conditioner: Customer Required
  • Color: Customer Required
  • Material: Steel
  • Chair: Customer Required

Product Details and Features

The crane cabin is an important part to ensure the safe operation of the driver in various lifting work, and is widely used in various lifting machinery such as bridge cranes, gantry cranes, metallurgical cranes, and tower cranes.
The working environment temperature of the crane cabin is -20~40℃. According to the usage scenario, the crane cab can be fully enclosed or semi-enclosed. The crane cabin should be ventilated, warm and rainproof.
Depending on the ambient temperature, the crane cabin can choose to install heating equipment or cooling equipment to ensure that the temperature in the driver’s cab is always at a suitable temperature for the human body.
The fully enclosed cab adopts a fully enclosed sandwich structure, the outer wall is made of cold-rolled thin steel plate with a thickness of not less than 3mm, the middle layer is a heat insulating layer, and the interior is covered with insulating fireproof materials.

Crane Cabin (1)
Crane Cabin (2)
Crane Cabin (3)


The driver’s seat can be adjusted in height, suitable for the use of different body types, and the overall decorative colors can be customized. There is a master controller in the crane cabin, which is set in the consoles on both sides of the seat. One handle controls the lifting, and the other handle controls the operation of the trolley and the running mechanism of the cart. The operation of the controller is convenient and flexible, and all movements The acceleration and deceleration are controlled directly by the driver.

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Product Process

The crane cabin produced by our company conforms to the principle of ergonomics, and is solid, beautiful and safe as a whole. The latest version of the capsule cab with better exterior design and better visibility. It can be installed on various cranes to ensure that the operator has a wide field of vision.
There are three stainless steel safety fences in the driver’s cab, and the bottom window is provided with a protective net frame. In the absence of external obstacles, the driver can always observe the movement of the lifting hook and the lifting object, and can easily observe the surrounding situation.